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Some traditional southern recipes.  The source of these recipes is the Kentucky Receipt Book, published in 1903.  The author is Mary Harris Frazer.  It  would have been familiar to the early residents of Old Louisville




Put into a saucepan half cup each, of white sugar, brown sugar and molasses, 1 cup of grated chocolate, 1 cup of cream. When almost done add 1 teaspoon of vanilla; turn into a greased mold and mark in inch squares, and cut before it is cold. Wrap in paper.

Chocolate Caramels.

Put into saucepan cup granulated sugar, cup brown sugar, cup molasses, 1 cup cream or milk, 1 cup grated chocolate, 1 tablespoon vanilla, butter size of a walnut. Beat until thoroughly dissolved. Put on fire, stir constantly until it forms a hard ball when dropped in ice water, then add vanilla.  Pour on a greased marble slab, and let it be an inch thick. One teacup of pecans, broken in pieces may be added after taking candy from the fire. Mark into squares, and cut before it becomes cold

Chocolate Caramels.

Three cups granulated sugar, 1 cup Baker's chocolate grated, butter size of a walnut, 1 cup of hot water, 1 teaspoon vanilla, a pinch of salt.  Dissolve sugar with water; add chocolate, when it begins to boil, the butter, and let boil 10 minutes. Try candy in cold water.  When thick as molasses pour on buttered tins. Mark into small squares.

Chocolate Caramels.

Three cups of brown sugar, 1 cup of cream, pound of butter, cake chocolate. Mix the cream and sugar thoroughly, put on to boil; after it has boiled add the butter, then the chocolate. Let it cook until quite hard and will crack on a glass. Just before taking it off add 2 tablespoons of vanilla, pour on a marble slab, cut in squares. 

Chocolate Caramels.

Two pints of sugar, boiled; add to it of a teacup of butter, teacup of cream, cake of Baker's chocolate, grated. Boil slowly without stirring until it drops hard in water. Pour on buttered plates and cut in squares.

Stuffed Dates.

One pound of dates, cup blanched almonds, cup granulated sugar, cup powdered sugar; blanch almonds and dry on a cloth.  Open the dates lengthwise and remove the seed. Make a caramel of granulated sugar by melting the sugar slowly in a saucepan; stir until a golden brown, then set the saucepan in pan of hot water and dip each almond in the caramel by piercing it with a long pin Drop on a plate until all are done. Place the almond in the cavity of the date. Press lightly together and roll in powdered sugar.



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