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Some traditional southern recipes.  The source of these recipes is the Kentucky Receipt Book, published in 1903.  The author is Mary Harris Frazer.  It  would have been familiar to the early residents of Old Louisville


Nut Treats

Sweet:  To Glace Fruits and nuts   To Crystallize Fruits and Nuts   Nougat   Nut Crackle   Hard Nut Candy   Pinocha   Prallines   Maple Loaf   Hickory Nut and Peanut Candy   Pecan Candy   Grilled Almonds    Almond Nougat   Burnt Almonds   Creamed Almonds   Peanut Sandwich   Spanish Candy   Peanut Balls   Walnut Candy
   Salted Almonds   Deviled Almonds


To Glace Fruits. (and nuts)

Have fruit perfectly dry, if oranges, separate each section carefully without breaking the skin. Put 1 pound granulated sugar in kettle, and add to it cup water and place over fire to boil, do not stir after sugar is dissolved. After mixture boils ten minutes hold the fingers in ice water, and try the candy. If it is brittle it is just right, take from fire and add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, stand in a basin of boiling water. Take fruit on sugar tongs and dip in the syrup. Put on buttered paper in a warm place to dry. Glace English walnuts and almonds in same manner.

Glace Nuts.

Boil pound of granulated sugar and cup of water, until it cracks, remove from fire at once. Have ready some warm blanched almonds, or any nut preferred, drop into the syrup one at  a time. When well covered, lift out on a fork, place on waxed paper. It must be done rapidly or the syrup will harden.

To Glace Fruits, Marshmallows or Nuts.

One pint granulated sugar, add enough water to moisten, cook until it cracks on side of glass. Take marshmallows, oranges in sections, lemons cut in thin round slices, English walnuts, pecans, Malaga grapes in bunches or singly to glace. Dip in syrup for a few minutes, then place on a marble slab greased with butter.

To Crystallize Fruits and Nuts.

One cup of granulated sugar, cup of water, juice of 1 lemon.  Boil until the syrup will thread. when dropped from a spoon.  Keep this in another saucepan, surrounded with hot water while using.  Dip the small sections of oranges, grapes, cherries, whole English walnuts and pecans in this syrup, place on buttered plates in a dry place to harden.


Put 1 pound granulated sugar into an iron skillet, and stir constantly until melted, and an amber color. Have ready 1 cups of shelled almonds or any nut desired, which must have been warmed in a slow oven. After sugar melts, add the nuts, stir until mixed, and pour into a greased pan.

Nut Crackle.

Cover bottom of a greased shallow pan with mixed nuts. Have 1 pound of granulated sugar in saucepan, stir until melted. Pour over nuts, and let remain until cool, then mark into-squares.

Hard Nut Candy.

One cup of granulated sugar, 1 cup nut kernels. Melt the sugar in a spider stirring all the while, until it is liquid.  As soon as melted add the nuts.  Mix hastily and pour in a dish to harden.


Three coffee cups of dark brown sugar, 1 cup sweet milk, lump of butter size of a walnut. Cook until almost candy, then pour in dish and beat hard, just before it is cold, beat in blanched almonds or pecans. Cut in squares when cold.

Maple Pinocha.

Grate 1 pound of maple sugar, add 1 cup of milk and cream mixed. Place on range, and stir until sugar is dissolved, then boil until syrup forms a soft ball, when dropped in cold water.  Remove from fire, stir until it begins to thicken, then hastily add 1 teacup of pecans, and turn the mixture into a buttered pan. When partially cold, mark into squares with a greased knife. 


Two coffee cups of dark brown sugar, cup cream, butter size of an egg. Mix cream with sugar, and cook until it forms a soft ball in water. Have ready some English walnuts or pecans, and pour over the syrup, when cold form into balls.

Maple Loaf.

One pound maple sugar, 2 pints brown sugar, 1 pint pecan meats, 1 coffee cup cream or milk, 1 dessertspoon butter. Crush maple sugar and put in saucepan with the brown sugar and cream. Place on range and stir until sugar is dissolved. Boil until syrup forms a soft ball when dropped in cold water, add butter just before removing from fire. Beat mixture until it begins to thicken; then quickly add pecan meats, form into loaf. When cold, cover with a damp napkin.

Hickory Nut (and peanut) Candy.

Take 3 cups of sugar and 1 of water; boil until it becomes brittle when dropped into cold water. When nearly done, add 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Have buttered pans lined with hickory nuts and pour the candy over them. Peanut candy may be made in same way.

Pecan Candy.

Three heaping coffee cups of caramel sugar, 1 cups of cream or milk, pound pecans, a generous half ounce of butter.  Put all ingredients in saucepan, and beat until smooth, then place on range, stirring all the while. When candy cracks hard on side of glass, remove from fire, add the pecans broken in pieces. Stir until mixture begins to thicken, then pour on a marble slab greased with butter. When cool, cut into squares.

Grilled Almonds.

Blanch 1 cup, of almonds; boil 1 cup of sugar; and cup of water until it strings; then put in  almonds. Cook until a light brown, before the sugar changes color, remove from stove and stir it until the syrup goes back to sugar and clings to the nuts.

  Almond Nougat.

Blanch 1 coffee cup of almonds, chop them and put in oven to dry, but must not brown. Put in a saucepan 2 , cups of powdered sugar and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, put on fire, stir until melted, then pour in the hot almonds. Mix them rapidly, pour on a greased marble slab. While warm mark into squares.

Burnt Almonds.

Put in a saucepan 1 coffee cup of brown sugar, wet with a little water, stir until dissolved. Boil 1 minute, then add coffee cup of almonds, stir until a light brown. When nuts are coated pour on a marble slab. 

Creamed Almonds.

Two and one-half cups of powdered sugar, cup of boiling, water and boil 4 minutes. Beat until cool enough to handle. Mold over blanched almonds. Roll in coarse sugar. 

Peanut Sandwich. 

Cut thin slices of bread, remove the crust and spread with butter. Have 1 pint of toasted peanuts, roll fine and spread on the bread. Serve at once. Almonds or pecans may be substituted for peanuts and similarly prepared.

Spanish Candy.

Roast 1 pound of shelled peanuts until brown, skin and grind fine. Put in saucepan with 1 pint of sugar syrup, boil until thick; when cold enough to handle,  roll in balls size of a large marble. Have pound of peanuts roasted and ground fine, drop in these balls as fast as made, put on broad platter.

Peanut Balls.

Take 1 pint of peanuts and chop tolerably fine.  Have white of 1 egg, well frothed, combine with the egg and shape into balls. Place on greased paper in pan and set in oven a few minutes to brown. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Pecans or English walnuts may be substituted for peanuts

Walnut Candy.

One pint of New Orleans molasses, 1 cup brown sugar, 1 tablespoon butter, 1 dessertspoon vinegar. Put ingredients in double boiler, place on range and stir until it boils. Cook slowly, until syrup hardens when dropped in ice water. Have walnuts prepared and put them in a shallow pan, greased with butter, and pour over the candy. When cold, cut into bars.

Walnut Candy.

Three coffee cups granulated sugar, 1 cup sweet milk, lump of butter size of a walnut.  Add milk to sugar, and place on back of range and stir until dissolved; then set on perforated pan to boil; when half done add the butter. Cook until it cracks on side of glass, try in water. When done pour on a marble slab; as you pull the candy add the walnuts, and a little vanilla. 



Salted Almonds.

One-half pound Jordan almonds, 1-3 cup of Lucca oil, salt. Blanch and dry the almonds. Put the Lucca oil in blazer and when hot put in 1-3 of the almonds and fry until of a delicate brown. Skim from the oil, drain on brown paper and sprinkle with salt, Continue in the same manner with the remaining almonds until all are salted.

Salted Almonds.

Shell 1 pound of almonds and pour over boiling water; remove the brown skin and dry well. Put 2 tablespoons butter or 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a pan; when hot add the almonds, and let remain until a light brown. Stir often, drain on brown paper, and sprinkle with fine salt, and serve.

Salted Almonds.

Take one pound of almonds, hull and blanch them in boiling water, remove the skin and spread on a dish to dry. Melt one kitchen spoon of butter and stir into it a of a teaspoon of salt. Place the almonds carefully in a stove pan, pour the butter over them, cook until a light brown.

Deviled Almonds.

One-fourth pound Jordan almonds, 3 tablespoons butter, 2 tablespoons minced capers, 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce, 1/8 teaspoon paprica, teaspoon salt. Blanch, dry and cut the almonds into fourths, lengthwise. Melt the butter in blazer and fry almonds until light brown. Mix the capers, Worcestershire sauce, paprica and salt and add to almonds and serve with oysters as soon as thoroughly heated.



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