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  Volume 29, Issue 3

March 2007    

Parting is such sweet sorrow!

Tara accepting retirement plaque.

Tara Long and Herb Fink at Tara’s retirement party.

Tara as we remember her best.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too!

Save the Date
Annual Spring Cleanup at Central Park
Scheduled for April 14th
Details to follow!

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Central Park Master Plan Update
By Dick Callaway
Friends of Central Park

You will notice the two abandoned tennis courts have been removed. This is Phase I of the tennis court project, which is tentatively slated for completion this fall. We have been in discussions with Metro government on funding, and are optimistic this can be arranged in time.
Herb Fink will be on ground supervisor for the entire project, subject to Parks & Olmsted Conservancy approval.
Look for progress on the Information Center’s windows in the next 60-90 days. And look forward to planting some new trees on Park Improvement Day, April 14.

Gang Graffiti

Reports of “FST” (Families Stay Together) graffiti should be reported and/or painted over as soon as possible as this is a gang sign.
You can report graffiti by calling Metro Call -311.

Historic Old Louisville Central Park
“Sunday Concerts in the Park”
Schedule Released

The Old Louisville Neighborhood Council’s 2007 “Sunday Concerts in Central Park” series will commence on Sunday, June 3rd and end the first Sunday in October. The Concerts are scheduled from 4:00PM to 5:30PM with the exception of the concert offered during the St. James Court Art Show weekend when the concert will be held from 2:00PM to 3:30PM.
The June concert will also include a free Ice Cream Social.
“Old Louisville is proud to host many quality events throughout the year. The five scheduled Central Park Concerts are a perfect outing for the neighborhood residents, families and guests to our city and neighborhood.” Said Chuck Anderson, Council President. “And the best part is that we offer them free.”
A full concert schedule of the musical groups performing will soon be announced. The last of the “Concert in Central Park” series is scheduled for October 7th in conjunction with the last day of the St. James Court Art Show.

By the Numbers
Save this for future reference!

Old Louisville Information Center 635-5244

Louisville Metro Government Numbers
Website address:
MetroCall - 574- 5000 or 311 MetroCall is the “clearinghouse” for community questions
· Animal Services - 361-1813
· Bike Louisville - 574-0104
· Community Action Partnership - 574-1157
· Code Enforcement Board- 574-8161
· Community Relations and Events - 574-5010
· Convention and Visitors Bureau - 584-2121  
· Department of Housing - 574-3107
· Downtown Development Corporation - 584-6000
· Emergency Medical Service (EMS)  - 574-4260
· Louisville Fire - 574-3701
· Health Department - 574-6859
· Human Relations Commission - 574-3631
· Inspections, Permits & Licensing - 574-3321
· Metro Council - 574-5000
· Metro Development Authority - 574-4140
· Metro Housing Authority - 569-3400
· Metro Parks - 456-8100  
· Metro Police - 574-7660
· Metropolitian Sewer District (MSD) - 587-0603 
· MetroSafe - 574-3900 
· Neighborhoods - 574-4227
· Planning & Design - 574-6230
· Property Valuation Administration (PVA) - 574-6380  
· Public Works - 574-5810
· Solid Waste - 574-3571

Call 9-1-1 for Emergencies

People call 9-1-1 because they are in a crisis. If you need urgent police, fire or medical assistance, dial 9-1-1. We hope you never need to make an emergency call, but if you do here are some tips to help you:

1. Stay calm. Don’t get excited.
2. Take a deep breath. Speak Clearly.
3. Tell them the exact location that you need help. State your address, one number at a time with the street name, street suffix and apartment number.
4. State the problem you are reporting.
5. Do you need police, fire or medical assistance?
6. Be prepared to answer the following questions:
vYour Name
vPhone number you are calling from
vWhat happened?
vHow long ago?
vIs anyone injured?
vAre any weapons or drugs/ alcohol involved?
7. If it is a medical emergency, be prepared to state the…
vMedical problem?
vPatient’s age?
vAre they conscious or alert?
vAre they breathing?

While on the phone with the 9-1-1 operator, emergency help is being notified. Stay on the line if it is safe to do so. If you can’t stay on the line, then lay the phone down but do not hang up. Remember, answering the questions does not delay getting help from emergency personnel.

If you call 9-1-1 by mistake stay on the line and tell the 9-1-1 operator that everything is OK. If you do not stay on the line they may have to send an officer to your home to make sure there is not a problem.

Ringing 9-1-1lines are our #1 priority that we answer first. If you ever need to call for police, fire or EMS and it is not a fire related emergency, life-threatening or violent crime in progress, you can contact MetroSafe at 574-2111 or 574-7111. We are always here to serve you, your family and our community

Old Louisville Neighborhood Associations

Association              Chairperson        Address      Phone               Email

1300 S. Third Street Ron Harris 1390 S 3RD ST 40208 637-2227
Belgravia Court Jessica Flores 1451 S. 6th 40208 637-6658
Central Park West Judy Stallard 634 Floral Terrace 40208 636-3113
Cornerstone Area James Long 213 E. Kentucky 40203 773-3538
Fourth Street Ed Turley 1349 S 4TH ST 40208 635-7550
Garvin Gate Howard Rosenberg 1202 S. 6th St. 40203 896-9833
OLBPA Alan Bird 1234 S 3rd St. 40203 212-7500
Ouerbacker Arts & Crafts Joan Stewart 1358 Ouerbacker Ct. . 40208 634-3813 
St. James Court Don Keeling 1419 St. James Ct 40208 893-9496
Second Street Caroline Martinson 1393 S. 2nd St. 40208 636-2797
Third Street Stan Murrell 1466 S. 3rd St. 40208 852-5952
Toonerville Kevin Kouba 227 E. Ormsby 40208 636-2544
Treyton Oak Towers Peggy Martin 211 W. Oak St. #907 40203 588-3595
W. St. Catherine Rhonda Williams 622 W. St. Catherine St. 584-9231

2007 Neighborhood Link Training Dates
April 2
June 4
August 6
October 1
December 3
Free Web sites for
Neighborhood, Homeowners or Condo Associations,
Subdivisions, Suburban Cities,
Neighborhood Watch Clubs
and any Not-for-profits
(community Groups, Clubs, Places of Worship, etc)
Free!     No Strings!     No Catch!
Time:       6:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Location: Computer lab of the main branch of The Louisville Free Public Library.
The computer labs are on the second floor of the Main Library located at 301 York Street.

Registration:  Training is FREE but space is limited for each session. 

R.S.V.P.  Contact MetroCall at 311 or 574-5000
(24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Through the Louisville Metro’s Department of Neighborhoods, Mayor Jerry Abramson is offering FREE training sessions to obtain Neighborhood Link Web Sites.  Only basic computer skills are needed.  Neighborhood Link is an Internet-based community network of neighborhood associations, block watch clubs, nonprofit organizations, and meeting places of worship.
Since Louisville launched Neighborhood Link in 2002, more than 200 groups have signed up for a free Internet presence to communicate, plan and discuss issues. Louisville’s Neighborhood Link site has averaged more than 10,000 hits (visits) per month.
Web Site Features:
·    Contact information and newsletter
·    Online calendar
·    Discussion area
·    Pages and hotlinks
·    Photos and graphics
·    FREE personal Web pages
·    Password protected administration area
Louisville was the first city in Kentucky to provide Neighborhood Link. The program is currently deployed in 40 major metro areas with more than 30,000 neighborhoods online through the parent company based out of Denver, Colorado. The National Neighborhood Link also secures the funding to maintain the sites by securing sponsorships.
To register for classes or to obtain more information about Neighborhood Link, contact MetroCall at 311 (or 502-574-5000) 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
A SPECIAL THANKS to the Louisville Free Public Library for hosting our training sessions.  Support your local library system!

Ben Washer Park

The former Senior Day Care Service building in Ben Washer Park is abandoned and deteriorating.The building belongs to Metro Parks.
Herb Fink reported that Jerry Brown of Parks said the building at Ben Washington Park may be taken over by a non-profit organization with resources to renovate.

Sneakers Hanging Over Power Lines?
Contact L.G.&E. for removal.


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