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Volume 26, Issue 5

May 2004

Old Louisville Neighborhood Council Candidate Forum Scheduled for May 6

Old Louisville residents will have a chance to meet and question candidates in the upcoming May 18 primary election at a Candidates Forum on Thursday, May 6, 2004, at 7pm in Caldwell Hall at the Conrad-Caldwell House.
Candidates for 6th District Metro Council and 35th District State Senate will be given five minutes for comments. This will be followed by questions from the audience. The forum will conclude at 8:30pm.
The following candidates have been invited:
Metro Council Representative, 6th District:
Tomas Bernal
Dan Owens Borsch
Greg Handy
George Unseld

State Senator, 35th District:
Denise Harper Angel
Ken Herndon
David Kaplan
Shelby Lanier, Jr.
Ron Burrell


First Sunday Concert Series Opens with Wayne Young and the Youngsters
The 2004 First Sunday Concert Series premieres on Sunday, May 2, 3pm-5pm, in Central Park.
Friends and neighbors are invited to bring their lawn chairs to the park to enjoy the free concert, which will feature a wide variety of music.

Middleton Reutlinger Awards
Friends of Central Park its First Gift

Wisteria will once again grace the pergola in Central Park thanks to a $5,000 gift from the law firm of Middleton Reutlinger to the newly-formed Friends of Central Park (FCP).
Middleton Reutlinger is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year by donating 150 items to non-profit organizations each month. “The community has given us a lot, and we thought that we’d like to give something back to the community in return,” said Charlie Middleton, managing partner and the third generation of his family to work at the firm, located in the Brown & Williamson Tower at 401 S. Fourth St.
The firm has represented Brown & Williamson since the 1930s and specializes in the fields of business and finance, general litigation, patents and intellectual property.
FCP, a committee of the Old Louisville Information Center (OLIC), plans to utilize the gift to restore the period pergola at Central Park to its original splendor by planting flowering wisteria vines to grace its arched arbors.
Other charitable organizations receiving 150 items are the KY Humane Society (stainless steel feeding bowls), Habitat for Humanity (150 community service hours), and Kosair Children’s Hospital (150 pumpkins this October). FCP will acknowledge the donation with a presentation ceremony at the park on May 14th.
A Friends of Central Park membership package complete with benefits that honor different levels of giving from private citizens, patrons, donors and community business partners, is being outlined for approval by the FCP advisory board. As a support organization, FCP will aid in the efforts to restore, preserve, maintain and improve the park.
The premier fundraising event for the FCP will be The Central Park Centennial Dinners, private gala dinners held in homes surrounding Central Park as a culmination of this summer’s celebrations honoring the park’s 100th anniversary. Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 16, 2004 for one of the high points of the fall season and a stylish evening of cocktails, gourmet dinners and celebratory desserts.
Want to become a Friend of Central Park? Contact s.r./p.r., susan rostov public relations, at 502-637-7180 or Want to be involved as a dinner host? Contact Gayle Walters Warren at 445-7349.

Central Park Centennial…
June Will Be Bustin’ Out All Over

Central Park is “greening up” in all its usual splendor and it’s just in time to celebrate the 100th anniversary of this neighborhood treasure. The first weekend in June will kick-off our Central Park Centennial celebrations. Last month, you saw the calendar of events we have planned in and around the park for the balance of 2004. This time around we want to concentrate on that first weekend in June.
The Central Park Centennial Tennis Tournament will be running from Wednesday, June 2nd through Sunday, June 6th, but Friday night, June 4th, will officially kick-off the centennial celebration with a wine and cheese party at the Conrad Caldwell House. Join us from 7-9 pm in Haskins Hall and we will have a special champagne toast to Central Park at 8:00 pm that evening.
Saturday, June 5th, finds us in Central Park enjoying a great neighborhood picnic from 3-5 pm. Each neighborhood association is encouraged to decorate picnic tables around the theme of the Central Park Centennial. Perhaps those tables will be fashioned as they may have looked at the turn of the century or they could simply take on a 100th birthday theme. Awards will be given for the best table decorations. Regardless of the decorations though, they should be laden with summer picnic fare and enjoyed by the residents of the neighborhood. Association representatives are encouraged to call the center (635-5244) and let us know how many picnic tables your group will need so that Metro Parks can deliver the correct number for the weekend. Remember, too, the tennis tournament continues today!
Sunday, June 6th, continues with the Centennial theme as we enjoy the second on our Sunday Summer Concert Series from 3-5 pm in Central Park. Ehrler’s will be on hand with ice cream treats compliments of the Old Louisville Information Center. Bring your lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy what promises to be a great summer Sunday afternoon. We want this day to be a sort of “Welcome to the Neighborhood” for all those people who have lived in Old Louisville in the past and for those new residents who are still discovering all of what Old Louisville has to offer.
We will have Central Park Centennial items for sale all weekend with proceeds going to our various projects relating to Central Park. We have T-Shirts, a poster and the third in our series of commemorative pins available for purchase. Following our kick-off weekend, these items will be available for purchase at the information center.
Please mark the first weekend in June on your calendars and plan to join us for what promises to be a grand celebration of a true treasure of the neighborhood, Central Park in Old Louisville.
Debbie Powers, Chair
Central Park Centennial Committee

Old Louisville Neighborhood Council Zoning and Land Use Committee Report

1359 South Third Street:
On April 1, 2004, the Louisville Metro Planning Commission denied an application for a map change to allow six condominiums in the property at 1359 South Third Street. The property is mapped single-family under the Traditional Neighborhood Zoning District (TNZD).
Among the reasons Commissioners cited for the denial were: the Old Louisville neighborhood worked for over four years to develop the TNZD regulations and to map 1,800 properties. Since the TNZD is still fairly new, Commissioners believed that it needs time to work, without having exceptions made to it. Also, the Commissioners believe that four units are currently permitted at this property, which means that the applicant was asking for an exception for an additional two units. They were unwilling to make such an exception for this property and noted that there were 207 additional properties in Old Louisville that might qualify for similar exceptions if this case were to set a precedent.
Under TNZD, map changes are allowed if they contribute to the characteristics of the neighborhood; the dominant characteristic in the Neighborhood General category under TNZD is single-family and two family; multifamily is permitted where mapped to recognize traditional uses of structures. 1359 South Third Street was built as a single-family in 1900 and was last occupied from 1990 to 2001 as a single-family residence with a conditional use as a bed and breakfast.
Cabbage Patch:
On April 5, 2004, the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BOZA) declared null and void its January, 2004, action granting Cabbage Patch a Conditional Use Permit as institutional-office for properties at 518 and 520 West Magnolia Avenue. Institutions are permitted only where mapped in the Traditional Neighborhood Zoning District (TNZD); Conditional uses in TNZD Neighborhood General are limited to bed and breakfasts, historic house museums, and community centers, parks, and playgrounds.
The Old Louisville Neighborhood Council (OLNC) filed suit in February, 2004, contesting the initial BOZA action; the lawsuit has been dropped. The OLNC did not and does not oppose Cabbage Patch plans for a conditional use permit as a community center for the two properties.

From Fifth District Officer Terra Long:
Credit Card Scam Alert

There is a new credit card scam going around. A “representative” from MasterCard or Visa will call and identify himself or herself as calling from the security and fraud department and give you a badge number. They will tell you that your card has been flagged for an unusual purchase pattern.
You will be asked if you have purchased an Anti-Telemarketing Device for $497.99 from a marketing company based in Arizona. When you say no, the caller will tell you, “We will be issuing a credit to your account”. They will verify your address (which they already have). They will give you a control number and tell you to call the 800 number on your card if you have any questions.
The caller will then ask you to verify that you are in possession of your card. They will ask for the 7 digit number on the back of your card. This is your pin number and the only information that they need to scam you. Now they can charge $497.99 to your card even though you assume it is a credit. Unfortunately, you have just been scammed!
A real credit card official will never ask for anything on your card that they already know.
Please pass this information on to your family members and friends. While we are all careful, these people are getting smarter at preying on us.

Doggone it…
It’s the Law!

While we are quick to take Rover for a romp in the beautiful spring weather, remember there are laws and etiquette to follow:
· Dogs must be on a leash at all times or in a fenced area within metro Louisville.
· Owner must pick up all droppings.
· Should someone want to file a complaint, he/she needs to call Metro Animal Services at 363-6609.
· Even if a dog is on a leash, flower beds, plantings and lawns need to be respected, whether private or public.
· Always show reserved constraint when a small child approaches an unfamiliar dog.

$100 Rebate Helps you Keep the Air
in your Backyard Cleaner

The Lawn Care Rebate Program, operated by KAIRE, the Kentuckiana Air Education program, will continue its Lawn Care Rebate program through 2004.
The program offers rebates of up to $100 for trading a gas mower toward an electric or reel mower. Added to the program for 2004 are rebates for certain electric string trimmers and blower-vacs, and replacement batteries for these appliances. Also new for 2004 are instant bonus rebates from participating retailers.
For information on the amount of rebates for eligible equipment, and where to take your old gas mower, trimmer, blower and batteries for trade, check out the APCD website,, or call 574-6000. KAIRE is a project of the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District (APCD.)

People in the News…

Thanks to Jerry Birschbach who filled in at the Old Louisville Information for several weeks while Administrative Assistant, Linda Ewen, recovered from a back injury as a result of a fall. Linda is back on the job although she still has to wear a brace for several weeks.
Congratulations to Leah Stewart who has accepted an appointment to be chair of the Old Louisville Neighborhood Council Zoning and Land Use Committee. Thanks to outgoing chair, Herb Warren, for all his work on behalf of the committee.
Congratulations to Jo Ann Lockhart on the occasion of her 50th birthday. A surprise party was held at the Conrad-Caldwell House on April 10th; Guests dressed in 50’s styles, a DJ spinned the old 45s, and the buffet was topped off by a birthday cake and ice cream sundaes.

Photo: At the hop: Jo Ann Lockhart snuggles up to Elvis at her surprise birthday party.

Old Louisville Welcomes a New Neighbor

The 200 block of East Woodbine is becoming Old Louisville’s latest international scene. Since February it has been the site of the Hispanic-Latino Coalition which had been located on East St. Catherine at a site they had outgrown. Their new facility, at 224 East Woodbine, was the former home of the Urban Montessori School.
The Hispanic-Latino Coalition is one of several centers throughout the area that work in cooperation with each other to provide Louisville’s Spanish speakers with networks and connections to social service agencies, community life, and each other. The coalition has hosted women’s art workshops, been a venue for Latino music auditions, and sponsored a job fair in conjunction with the Louisville Urban League.
Their new site on Woodbine is bright and airy with a beautiful mural depicting Latino culture. It is staffed weekday mornings by University of Louisville students under the management of Geo Guerra. Ben Ruiz, CEO of Adhawks Advertising and Public Relations, is the current co-chairperson of the board of the coalition. He spoke of his satisfaction in working with this facility to help Latinos to embrace this community. Ben proudly displayed a quilt that is the handiwork of the Latina art workshop.
Next door to the coalition at 230 East Woodbine is Casa Latina, a home for Latina unwed mothers. These two centers help each other out from time to time with babysitting and other services.
Both of these facilities on East Woodbine are a part of the legacy of Reverend Vernon Robertson, who lived in Old Louisville for many years prior to his death. The Robertson family has continued Father’s ministry of community service in providing these venues at very low costs to such worthy causes.
The Hispanic-Latino Coalition is holding an open house on May 27th from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Neighbors should drop by and get acquainted. To avoid overcrowding, RSVP to the coalition at 636-9121.


Trees Butchered on Garvin Place

Several trees on the public right of way in the 1000 and 1100 blocks of Garvin Place have severely damaged by excessive and allegedly illegal trimming.
Alan Bishop, Metro Louisville Arborist, reminds property owners that they must first obtain a permit from Metro Public Works if they want to trim or remove a tree in the public right of way. Bishop says the four Japanese Zelcova trees in the 1100 block will be removed along with the stumps.
Topping a tree or extensively trimming it from the top essentially destroys the tree. The tree will sprout out again, but the cavities that develop from the topping usually kill it.

Mom’s PASSPORT to Happiness

Are you stumped for the perfect Mother’s Day Gift or even an early Father’s Day gift? Then, how about a 2004 Garden Tour PASSPORT?
The Garden Tour PASSPORT provides admission to the following Louisville Neighborhood garden tours:
* Crescent Hill Garden Tour June 5 & 6 10a.m.-5p.m.
* Audubon Park Garden Tour June 27 1p.m.-5p.m.
* Old Louisville “Hidden Treasures” Garden Tour July 10 & 11 10a.m.-5p.m.
A $32 value if purchased separately, the Garden Tour PASSPORT is a real bargain for only $25! But you have to hurry. Although individual ticket sales for each garden tour will be offered as usual later, this is a limited-time, advance-sale only, discount package. PASSPORTs must be ordered or purchased by June 4th. See the enclosed order form for purchase details.
This year’s Old Louisville “Hidden Treasures” Garden Tour theme will coincide with the Central Park Centennial and promises to be spectacular. More information about that in next month’s Old Louisville Journal. For more information, call Tim Bottorff at 637-5026.

St James Court Art Show Brings Art to the Classroom

On Thursday March 25, 2004, the St James Court Art Show and the Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) partnered to put on the first St. James Court Art Show School Day (SJCASSD). Participation in SJCASSD was offered to all JCPS elementary schools. Sixty out of eighty-five schools applied to host artists; the first ten to respond were selected.
The goal of the SJCASSD was to provide inspiration for future development of arts programs in our public schools. Two to three artists were at each school demonstrating their craft. Groups of students were exposed to different artistic mediums throughout the day. Many artists interacted with the students by letting the kids touch/feel the materials with which they were working, or jump right in and participate. Art teachers will direct classroom projects in which the students will create artwork based on techniques or ideas demonstrated that day. JCPS will be have a booth at the 2004 Art Show to display the results of the in-classroom projects that were inspired by SJCASSD.
Artists from the Belgravia Court, Fourth Street, St. James Court, 1300 Third Street, and Third Street sections of the Art Show took part in the 2004 St. James Court Art Show School Day. The following is a list of host schools and participating artists:
Camp Taylor Elementary - Jean Wadsworth Cochran, Richard Kolb, Bev Morfeld; Chenoweth Elementary - Cheryl Brady, B.J. Oyler , Sharon Major; Eisenhower Elementary - John Simpson, Zac Crawford; Fern Creek Elementary - Cecil Highley, Jennifer McLamb; Goldsmith Lane Elementary - Marianna McDonald, James and Deborah Green, Victor Simon; Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary - Mary Lou Hess, Richard Langdon, William Rees; Middletown Elementary - Wyatt Gragg, Barbara Medford, Robbie Moriarty; Watson Lane Elementary - J.D. Schall, Lin and Steve Oglesby, David Glenn; Wheatley Elementary - Natalie McCluggage, Cindy Lowy, Norman Downs; Watterson Elementary - Mary Simione, Linda Bowman, Wadia Newman.

Central Park Improvement Session: A Big Success

On Saturday morning, April 10, 2004, the threat of rain was in the air, but WAVE-3 meteorologist, Tom Wills, assured us that the rains would hold off until later in the day. And so approximately 130 Metro and neighborhood workers gathered in Central Park to undertake improvements.
At 7:30 a.m., coffee and doughnuts were being prepared by Matthew Huested for the early worms. Virginia McCandless and Bill Peake arrived to sign-in workers and to issue name tags.
Metro Parks and Metro Facilities management workers arrived with tools, trucks, tractors, gators, bobcats, and “materials” (turf seed, fertilizer, mulch, etc.).
As workers arrived, the improvements in the Park got started: 12 truck loads of recycled mulch were distributed about the trees and plants beds; Plant beds about the Information Center, at 6th and Park, at 4th and Park, at 4th and Magnolia were cleaned-up; 400 pansies planted and mulched; The old telephone booth pad at 6th and Magnolia was removed and Gary Kleier replaced the brick sidewalk with brick provided by Bob and Roberto Bajandas; at 6th and Park, the old bus stop asphalt remains were removed and replaced with a sod median; Metro Parks workers replaced all signage and markers within the Park with signage designating Central Park as an Olmsted Park; 75 bags of hardwood bark mulch were installed; 10 bags (50# each) of fescue turf seed were mechanically placed into bare areas; 40 bags of turf fertilizer were spread; 30 bales of straw were spread; 20 bales of pine needles were distributed; Central Park West Association worked extensively on the 6th Street brick sidewalk (removing leaves and weeds), the grass median, and the gutters; and the entire Park received a general clean-up, limbs removed, and walks cleaned.
At 12:00 noon, all workers gathered under the park trees for a barbeque, baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw, pickles, chips, drinks and dessert lunch which was underwritten by 6th District Metro Councilman George Unseld and provided by Masterson’s Restaurant.
“Our Thanks” go to many folks who provided and participated in this Annual Central Park Improvement Session, as follows: Councilman George Unseld and Legislative Aide Donna Sanders for providing many materials and the noon lunch. Metro Parks staff for providing many materials, equipment, machinery, and staff working hand-in-hand with Old Louisville neighbors. Metro Cabinet Director Rudolph Davidson and George Clausen, Metro Facility management, for providing two bobcats and operators. BAHA Works, which provided two bobcats and operators, and provided brick for 6th St. sidewalk. Neighborhood Associations who provided funds for the many materials and services needed: 3rd Street Neighborhood Association, Garvin Gate Neighborhood Association, Belgravia Court Neighborhood Association, 4th Street Neighborhood Association, Central Park West Neighborhood Association, St. James Court Neighborhood Association, 1300 South 3rd Street Neighborhood Association and 2nd Street Neighborhood Association.
Thanks to the following: Action Landscape for providing 5 fertilizer spreaders; David Norton for providing drinks and 4 bushels of ice; Metro Works for providing tools; Metro Brightside for providing tools, gloves, and trash bags; coffee provided by Matthew Huested; Virginia McCandless and Bill Peare for signing everyone in and providing name tags; Chuck Blust for picking-up materials at Buntons, Otte Nursery, etc.; Water provided for watering the sod by Gordon Moffett and Mike Milligan; Sergeant Doug Sweeney and Officer Terra Long were our security as they helped to spread mulch; Madonna Wilson provided the poster design and implementation; Noon lunch was again masterfully orchestrated by Marshall Moore (in charge with White Apron), Polly Wood, Marjorie Fink, Bill Peake, and Jerry Birschbach; Hope House and Dismas House with all their volunteer workers; Jerry Birschbach and Marshall Moore for putting the Information Center back in order at the end of the day.
All participants are as follows: Metro Parks: Bill Herron, Dennis Osbourne, Anthony Hickman, Norb Gagle, Lisa Risen, Kerry Risen, David Fothergill, Carl Stone, Jr., Roger Ellington, Curtis Marcum, William Cutty, Larry Voldez, Walter Elliott, Susan Rademacher; Central Park West Neighborhood Association: Matthew, Aleasha, Lydia, Hannah, and Emily Huested, Gary Kleier, Judy Stallard, Peggy Muller, Ashley and Elizabeth Baemer, Mike and Missy Murphy,.Rob Gamage, Jed and Penny Johnson, Billy Bradford, Alan and Anita Blount, and Allison and David Townsend. 2nd Street Neighborhood Association: Virginia McCandless, Jan Morris, Ken Herndon, Bruce Cohen, Doug Sweeney, Zane Lockhart, Cindy Calvelo, Ginny Keen, Jerry Birschbach, Marshall Moore, and Caroline, Jeremy, Raike, and Lily Thornewill. Brook Street & Hope House: Jeff Schooler, Barry Winter, Richard Mortens, Patrick Massey, Matt Philips, Jeff Robbins, Earl Valclay, Kevin Whents, Brian Boaz, Ray Mendory, and David Gaillory. 3rd Street Neighborhood Association: Bill Peake, Herb and Marjorie Fink, Lois Tash, Chuck Blust, Terry Hammond, Terry D. Hammond, David Gilbert Dan Borsch, Harold Baker, Jr., Jo Ann and Arnold Celentano, Maggie May Myatt, Marjorie Finn, Mary Martin, and Armando Melendez. Walnut Street Baptist Church: Bruce Miller Toonerville Neighborhood Association: Wanda Stanley, Michael Allen, and Adrian Camacho. St. James Court Neighborhood Association: Marilyn Lattis, Sarah Pierce, and Bethany Haynes. South 6th Street Neighborhood Association: James Brow, Bill Carry, Roberto J, Bob, Patricia, and Isabella Bajandas. South 4th Street Neighborhood Association; George Hanratty, Herb and Gayle Warren, Sally and Charlie Baker, Sam and Kate Schad, Ed Turley, Anity Slaughter, and Larry Gettleman. 1300 3rd Street Association: Chuck and Sheelah Anderson, Polly Wood, Officer Terra Long, and Dick Callaway. Limerick Neighborhood Association: Walter Hutchins, and Betty Hawkins. Metro Facilities Management: Col. George Clausen, Sylvester Hides, and Charles Morms. Garvin Gate Association: Bob Laufer, John Sistarenik, Susan Rostov, Maleva Chamberlain, and Jerie Britton. West St. Catherine Street Neighborhood Association: Peggy Cummins, Sandra Needy, Ron Burrell, and Rhonda and Michael Williams. Belgravia Court Neighborhood Association: Ric Light and Dick Urby. Ouerbacher Court Arts and Crafts Neighborhood Association: Ric and Becky Poe, Trent Combs, Joan Stewart, and Rekia Mahmoud. Dismas House: Reid Gamble, Kelvin Reed, and Shamani Haggard.

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