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Volume 25, Issue 9

September 2003

Artists travel from Perm, Russia, to attend the St. James Court Art Show

Sister Cities of Louisville Inc. has arranged for ten artists from Perm, Russia, to exhibit at the 2003 St. James Court Art Show, scheduled for October 3, 4, and 5.

After months of saving their money to travel to Louisville, the artists will take a day trip to another city in Russia to pass an intensive interview process in order to obtain their visas. They will then pack their artwork into tubes and boxes and travel over 24 hours by plane through four international airports to attend the show. Upon arriving in Louisville, they will spend 3-4 days working days in local art studios producing artwork to be showcased at St. James. However, not only will the artists enjoy a trip to the U.S.; they will have the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work at a top-ranked art show.

Sister Cities of Louisville will feature at St. James Mr. Vadim Nikolayevich Skrylnikov, a sculptural artist who works with ice, snow, sand, metal and jewelry. Vadim received his education at the Leningrad Higher Art School, and has participated in several international sculpture festivals. Assisted by the other Perm sculptors, he will build a 9' sand sculpture at the St. James Court fountain during the 3-day event. Sand sculpture varies in different locals, but it is typically found in beach towns. It is unique in Perm because the sand used to create the sculptures is excavated from canyons.

The sand sculptors will work to create a piece of artwork similar to that in Perm. They will first construct a box of compacted sand. The artist will use water to compact the sand. If it rains, the sculpture will remain standing because water is a bonding agent.

Perm is the capital of a Russian province, also called Perm, and it is the region’s cultural and industrial center. Located on the western slope of the Ural Mountains, Perm lies about 800 miles east of Moscow and stretches along both sides of the Kama River, the largest river in Russia. By 1781, it was established as the administrative center of the northern Urals. As Perm developed as a commercial center during the mid-19th century, it became a gateway to Siberia.

Perm became a Sister City in 1994. The initial relationship was formed by Dr. Bruce Adams, Professor of History at U of L, and Dr. Victor Henner, Professor of Physics at the University of Perm, who realized the potential for exchanges between Louisville and Perm. As the relationship blossomed, Louisvillians and Permiaki have discovered several similarities: river cities, population size, centers of culture, and large universities.

First Sunday Concerts
in Central Park

September 7, 3:00-5:00p.m.
Doctors of Swing

Bring a lawn chair.
and your dancing shoes!

Since the initial contacts formed, leaders in both communities have provided strong support in the political, cultural, educational, business, and medical arenas. Most recently, a wonderful mix of organizations working together with SCL have reached out to Perm, including the Louisville International Cultural Center, Supplies Over Seas, and the Louisville International Medical Cooperative. Over the years, Perm has become a base for introducing Louisville to Russian talent, culture, and business opportunities.

The Perm Committee has coordinated many artistic and cultural exchanges over the years. Cultural exchanges have developed in the martial arts, art festivals, theater performances, etc. Currently, Sister Cities of Louisville is working on programs to develop connections between the Perm and Louisville arts communities.

Sister Cities of Louisville (SCL) is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to global friendship, multicultural understanding, and economic growth by developing lasting relationships between the Louisville area and Sister Cities around the world.

Up, up, and away!

Thanks to the efforts of Susan Coleman, Director of the St. James Court Art Show, Southwest Airlines has provided an in-kind sponsorship for this year’s St. James Court Art Show. Twenty five airline ticket vouchers, which can be used to fly anywhere in the continental United States serviced by Southwest, will be offered in a drawing at 3 p.m. on October 5 at the First Sunday Concert in Central Park.

Tickets for this drawing are being offered by ten Old Louisville neighborhood associations for $10 apiece. Twelve winners will receive two roundtrip vouchers good for one year.

Proceeds from the drawing will go to the participating neighborhood associations. Joan Stewart has coordinated this St. James Court Art Show Consortium effort to benefit neighborhood organizations.

Contact Joan at the Old Louisville Information Center, 635-5244, for further information.

Letter to the Editor:

Letter to the Editor:
Dear Mayor Abramson:

I am writing to discuss with you the possibility of renewing our efforts at either having the cobra lighting taken down on West Saint Catherine Street, or, alternately, having the City provide — as the primary source of our lighting — the period lighting already installed on our street. As I have stressed in previous correspondence to City officials from the last administration (namely Bill Herron), the period lighting that Louisville Gas & Electric installed on our street currently meets all ordinances for city lighting, and provides lighting for, not only the roadway, but for our front doors.

Period lighting serves many purposes. When our homes were constructed, it is true that the lighting on our street was very similar to what is there now; however, aesthetics is not our only concern. As any of our residents and neighbors, as well as the many visitors to our area, will attest, when these lights are lit there is a much increased and appreciated perception of security and safety as a result of the period lighting. West Saint Catherine is a much lighter and safer street with the advent of period lighting—a definite positive when it comes to promoting our common vision of making the City the place to live, work and play.

Recognizing that one of the major goals of merger was the reduction in duplication of services, it seems a simple solution to this matter exists in the removal of the cobra lighting. The City should provide the historic district with the more appropriate period lighting, and reserve its cobra style lighting with its contemporary design for more suburban surroundings.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter. If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Rhonda Williams
Chair of the West Saint Catherine Neighborhood Association

Love Comforts like Sunshine after Rain ....

The Old Louisville Gardeners will meet Wednesday, September 10th at 7pm in the Old Louisville Information Center in Central Park. In case you haven’t heard of us, well, we are a laid-back group of women and men with no dues, no officers...but a group of people interested in learning about plants, gardening ideas and solutions, helping each other with advice and sharing plants. Each month we have a speaker or workshop which is free!!

In August, our very own Dot Wade shared tips on flower arranging and we each went home with a beautiful floral! Thank you Dot!

We are excited to have Mr. Monty Justice, the spokesman for the Louisville Rose Society, at our September meeting. The subject is "What you need to do to enjoy your roses". He will also teach us about improving the condition of your soil. Does the name MONTY sound familiar? This is the Monty of "Monty’s Joy Juice".. it should be a great meeting.

If you have plants to share - September is the month to start dividing perennials, please bring them in plastic bags.
We’ll see you Wednesday, September 10th!

Missy Murphy 637-3456

September Garden Calendar:

Indoor Plants and Activities

  • Prepare storage areas for overwintering tender flower bulbs and garden produce. 

  • Thanksgiving (or Christmas) cactus can be forced into bloom in time for the holidays. Provide 15 hours of complete darkness each day, such as from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m., for approximately eight weeks. Keep temperatures at about 60° to 65°F. Temperatures of 55° will cause flower buds to set without the dark treatment. 

  • Dig and repot herbs or take cuttings for growing indoors over the winter. 

  • Store leftover garden seed in a cool, dry place. A sealable jar with a layer of silica gel or powdered milk in the bottom works well. 

  • Bring houseplants that were moved outside for the summer back indoors before night temperatures drop below 55°. Gradually decrease the amount of light to acclimate the plants and help reduce leaf drop. Be sure to control insects and diseases before putting the plants near other houseplants.


  • To promote the lawn’s recovery from summer stress, apply high-nitrogen fertilizer at the rate of one pound actual nitrogen per 1000 square feet. 

  • Mow lawn to maintain a 2 to 2.5 inch height, removing no more than one third of the height of the grass at any one time. 

  • Leave clippings on the lawn or add them to the compose pile. 

  • Reseed bare spots or new lawns with a good quality seed mixture. 

  • Early fall is a good time to apply broadleaf weed killers. BE sure to follow all label directions and choose a cal day to prevent spray drift.


  • Plant, transplant, or divide peonies, daylilies, iris, and phlox. 

  • Save plants such as coleus, wax begonias, impatiens, or fuchsia for indoor growing over winter. Dig plants, and cut them back about halfway, or take cuttings of shoot tips, and root them in moist vermiculite, soil mix, or perlite.


Valet Parking Offered at St. James

Once again this year, Central Park West Neighborhood Association is organizing the valet parking for the St. James Court Art Show. The cost of valet parking is $20 per automobile, and allows one to stop at 6th and Magnolia, drop off a vehicle, and walk one block to the St. James portion of the art show. Patrons last years expressed how pleased they were that the service was offered, and that they would definitely use it again.

The CPW Neighborhood Association invites other neighborhood associations to help with the parking for a piece of the fundraising pie. Last year, in addition to CPW, the West St. Catherine and Ouerbacker Arts & Crafts Neighborhood Associations participated.
For further information, please contact the Old Louisville Information Center at 635-5244.

Dreamlight Opens on South Third

Dreamlight Arts and Crafts Period Antiques has opened its doors at 1140 South Third Street, just north of the Third Avenue Café. Twentieth-century modern design is featured with an emphasis on American Arts and Crafts or mission-style furnishings

John Connelly, the proprietor, relocated the shop from its 10-year location on Barrett Avenue. The Massachusetts native has 25 years of experience in the antique business.

Business hours are Saturdays, 11AM-5PM, and by chance or appointment. Call (502) 314-117 or access for further information.

Kids Fun Connection at St. James

The St. James Court Art Show will for the first time in its 47 year history provide on-site child care during its three day event (October 3-5) this year. Kids Fun Connection has been contracted to provide child care service and coordinate other free activities that will be available to all children who accompany their parents to the Art Show.

The Kids Fun Connection at St. James service will operate during all hours of the show under a tent on Fountain Court. It will include games, crafts, prizes and entertainment. Parents wishing to use the service are strongly encouraged to pre-register at the Kids Fun Connection website, . Space is limited. There is a fee of $15 for each two hour session

The Kids Fun Connection at St. James will be open to all and will include free hands-on activities provided by Michael’s Arts and Crafts and Kidlywinks Children’s Open Art Studio. Among the entertainers who are scheduled to appear are "Redbeard, the Magic Pirate", and "The Monkey Lady and Her Little Friend, Phyllis". J. C. Reedy will teach the kids "How to Write a Hit Song" and Audio X-Press will provide "Interactive Musical Games".

Kids Fun Connection has been providing on-site child care and youth entertainment to the Kentucky and Southern Indiana community since 1996. Carolyn Johnson, the owner, has worked with children and their families for over 25 years. She is looking forward to this first time ever experience at the St. James Art Show and said, "I want to assure parents that we will provide a safe, secure, fun-filled environment for their children. I just hope the parents have as much fun at the Art Show as their kids will be having with Kids Fun Connection!"

Art Show Poster Highlights Autumnal Colors

Louisville graphic designer Lisa Simon has won the 2003 St. James Art Show Poster Competition. Her acrylic painting, featuring the landmark St. James Court Fountain’s central figure awash in swirls of fall color and fluid motion of wind and water, was selected from among eighty entries.

She will be awarded $1000 for her winning design, and will receive 25% of the proceeds from poster sales at the show.

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson will officially unveil the poster and congratulate Simon on Thursday, September 4, 2003, at a kickoff event for the show on St. James Court.

Lisa will be on-site at the art show, signing and numbering limited-edition prints of the poster, which are available for $50; open-edition prints are $25. Souvenir t-shirts with the design will also be on sale.
Lisa Simon has won many awards. After working in advertising for over ten years, she started her own freelance service, Design Alchemy, in 2001. In addition to winning several Louise Awards for her works with local agencies, she has also been published nationally in Print Magazine’s Design Annual.

The Art Show is going to be a family affair for Lisa and her husband, photographer Victor Simon. Victor will be exhibiting his work at the show, as he has done since 1997. He says, "I’m genuinely thrilled to be part of the show this year. It’s always an exciting time for the Simon household, but this year will be doubly so."

 Say Hello to Linda Ewen and Mariah Cummins

Linda Ewen and Mariah Cummins are the new administrative assistants at the Old Louisville Information Center.

Linda will staff the Center Tuesdays through Thursdays from 1PM-5PM. Mariah will be on duty Saturdays, 10AM-4PM, and Sundays, 11:30AM-3:30PM.
The OLIC is closed on Mondays.

Weight Watchers at Work

Beginning in September, a new Weight Watchers program will be held at the Girls Scouts of Kentuckiana Council Office, 1325 South Fourth Street on Tuesdays from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. The program costs $109.50, which can be paid in three installments.

Contact Marsha at 636-0900 for more information.

A Place to Relax and Unwind

The Old Louisville Coffee Shop is open for business at the corner of Fourth and Hill Streets. Coffee, teas, pastries, bagels, scones, sandwiches and ice cream are included in the bill of fare. The shop’s hours begin at 7AM, Monday-Friday, and 8AM on Saturday and Sunday. The shop is handicapped accessible.

The establishment features a West Village look with sofas, easy chairs, wooden tables, sleek lighting, and polished concrete floors. A selection of newspapers, including the New York Times, and board games add to the inviting atmosphere. Art and local crafts, including jewelry, are also for sale.
Proprietors are Kim and Tres Hundertmark and Ed and Lori Turley. Call 773-3116 for further information.

right: Kim Hundertmark welcomes Old Louisville residents to the new
Old Louisville Coffee Shop.

Louisville United Unitarian Churches Sponsor Bantu Refugee Family

Thomas Jefferson Unitarian, Clifton Unitarian, and First Unitarian have pooled resources to sponsor a Bantu refugee family of five from Somalia. Meetings have been held, task teams are forming, and fund-raisers are in the works to make this project come together. They expect the family, one of the first of the 80 Somali-Bantu families who will settle in Louisville, to arrive before September.

The family - a mother, father, two children, and the father’s brother - will face numerous challenges related to deficits in education and job skills. They speak Mai-Mai; however, no one in the family reads or writes any language. To help the family through this difficult period, the coalition of UU churches will provide rent and living expenses for up to four months, and support and befriend them with contact on a daily basis.

How can you help? Come and bring a friend to the Spaghetti Dinner Fund-Raiser for our Bantu refugee family! It will be an exciting evening of raffles, information, and music - the Sudanese Men’s Choir will be performing at 5:00 p.m., followed by other ethnic music.

The dinner will be held on September 6, from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m., at First Unitarian Church at the corner of 4th and York. Dinner is $5 for adults and $2 for children, and dessert is $1. Any questions may be directed to Betty Caudle at 459-6950.

News Tidbits:

The Oak Street portion of the Ninth Street Roadway improvement project is nearing completion. Oak Street and the Oak Street exit off of Ninth Street are scheduled to open by the end of September.

The installation in Central Park of 15 new park benches and 15 litter baskets with concrete pads is scheduled for completion by September 26. The project was originally to be funded by $15,000 from Old Louisville residents and neighborhood associations and $15,000 in matching funds from Metro Parks. However, costs escalated to $41,000. Thanks to a generous donation of $7,000 from 6th District Metro Council Member. George Unseld and $4,000 from the Olmsted Conservancy, the project will be completed.

On July 19, 2003, the Louisville Metro Planning Commission approved a request by Project Women to rezone property at 420 W.Lee Street and 1705 S. 5th Street from M-2 Industrial to OR-2 Office-Residential to provide 24 residential units and administrative offices to assist single mothers to obtain a college education. The OLNC Zoning and Land Use Committee voted to support the rezoning request based on the conceptual plan, binding elements and the discussion held with the neighborhood and Project Women. Project Women has reportedly requested that the Metro Council not act on the rezoning until funds are raised to purchase the property. The complete proposal, including binding elements, is available at the Old Louisville Information Center.

Louisville Metro has published a new pamphlet, How Metro Services Work for You, which gives information on recycling and on garbage, yard waste, and junk collection. Copies are available at the Old Louisville Information Center.


Old Louisville Neighborhood Associations

          Association Chairperson Number

  • 1300 S. Third Street Chuck Anderson 636-3396

  • Belgravia Court Hank Triplett 636-2925

  • Central Park West Penny Johnson 636-1675

  • Conerstone Area Ron Loughry 583-2984

  • Fourth Street Dot Wade 635-7885

  • Garvin Gate Norma Laufer 637-3266

  • Ouerbacker’s Arts & Crafts Jeff Schooler

  • OLB&PA Gary Kleier 634-1006

  • Old Louisville Shalom Com. Peter Barnes-Davies 634-9694

  • St. James Court Louise Shawkat 637-3606

  • Second Street Jerry Birschbach 635-0220

  • Third Street Mary Martin 637-4000

  • Toonerville Ken Cordle 637-4514

  • Treyton Oaks Jane LaPin 587-1028

  • West St. Catherine Street Rhonda Williams 584-9231

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